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McKinsey & Company

Consumer pull: The growth of shared urban mobility

As the MRP has calculated, it is feasible to target a significant level of car ownership reductions, in the region of 15 – 20%, but only once users are confident that shared rental micromobility are sufficiently accessible. This point will only be reached when sufficient, well-located vehicles that raise accessibility levels, to ensure anyone wanting to plan their trip has confidence of being able to commit to their journeys without material risk of failing to complete the trip as planned. MRP is currently heavily focussed and invested in developing reliable mathematical models and equations, based on complex advanced data science, to assist decision makers in government to confidently calculate the optimal numbers of shared urban mobility vehicles in any city.

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Segway awarded world’s first Life Cycle Assessment Verification Statement for e-scooters by TÜV SÜD

The MRP calculated 390 kg of CO2-eq emissions for a five year base lifespan in our modelling. It is great to see TÜV SÜD confirm their certified quantities are in the same range. With private cars (ICE and EV) showing a lifespan footprint of 40 - 65 Tonnes, it also confirms that e Scooters are on average between 40 - 65 times less emitting over their lifetime usage, adjusted for a 15 year baseline comparison.

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Managing the Micromobility Boom

As the MRP has noted in the past based on its own APAC wide safety research, Vulnerable Road User (VRU) accident rates and reporting is skewed by the significant differences in physical exposure that VRU endure due to the crowding out of urban space by private cars. This is a deliberate crowding out strategy that was started in the 1920’s by automotive companies.  In maintaining the status quo, being the under investment in active and micromobility infrastructure on the basis of claimed VRU accident risks, we will not change our global car addiction nor reduce the transport emissions humans cause by any degree

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McKinsey Quarterly

The Future of Mobility

Mobility is one of the hottest sectors, with start-ups and traditional OEMs constantly developing new technologies and transportation options. The influx of innovative solutions has yet to solve the problem of congested roads, however, and almost every country is feeling the effects.

MRP™ views:

McKinsey claims that up to 16% of trips globally are completed by micromobility modes.  Private cars are still used in 45% of trips globally, which is significant and highly emitting.  The report provides useful insights on developments and projections for the next decade, when emission reductions from the transport sector need to be significant.  The report contains Interesting insights on global policies to reduce private car ownership and usage.

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Jeon Jae-wook

공유킥보드 사고 치명률, 자전거보다 낮아

[이데일리 전재욱 기자] 마이크로모빌리티와 지속가능한 교통수단을 연구하는 국제 비영리 기관 ‘MRP(Micromobility Research Partnership)’ 협회가 해외 공유킥보드 운행사고 관련 데이터를 17일 공개했다.

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